Study Skills

At Dundee and Angus College our aim is to help you develop and use study skills that will enable you to become a successful learner.

We have a range of short informative guides that will support you throughout your studies.

This course will offer an outline of what an academic poster is and how it should be structured.

This course covers what an academic project is and the process of approaching them. 

This course covers the process of academic writing and the importance of planning and organisation.

This course aims to give you an understanding of how to approach evaluative writing for projects and course work.

This course considers why exam preparation is important, how to manage your time and revise effectively.

This course aims to give you an understanding of the essentials in grammar and punctuation.

This course covers some of the best ways to get the most out of your classes and research.

This course aims to support you with your note making skills, introducing techniques that will enable you to enhance these skills.

This course covers what a presentation involves; the process of creating a presentation; the need to consider your audience; group presentations and structure.

This course covers what referencing is, why it is used and how to correctly reference source materials.

This session aims to support you with your reflective writing skills.  The course considers the nature of reflective thinking and how this, in turn, informs reflective writing.  

The course covers what constitutes a report; how and why they differ from other styles of writing and how to gather information for inclusion within the report.

This course will provide you with the skills to conduct a SWOT analysis effectively in your studies.

This course aims to highlight the fact that thinking and the ability to retain information are skills that can be developed just like any others.

This course aims to highlight the importance of time management and the benefits that may be gained from this, particularly whilst studying.

Advanced Study Skills

This course will explore the processes of academic writing, giving examples to gain an understanding of how to structure academic essays, and how to approach academic writing critically.

This course covers how to write evaluative pieces at an advanced level, considering the bias in academic writing.

This course is an advanced session on grammar and punctuation. This session will cover sentence fragments, different types of punctuation and commonly misused words. 

This course will give you information on advanced referencing. It will look at why referencing is essential in higher level courses, what styles of referencing you may come across and how to apply them in practice.

This course is mainly concerned with reflective writing in an academic context, but a small part of it briefly considers the use of reflective writing within personal statements.

This course explores the importance of thinking skills and how you can improve your memory retention to support you throughout your studies.

This course will cover time management theories, tools and techniques that you can apply to your every day life.

This course will provide a brief overview of what a literature review is and how to approach this.  It will cover how to plan, research, organise and present a literature review for your course.

This course will provide you with an overview of how to conduct a critical appraisal.