Digital Skills

To enable you to develop the essential digital skills you need to safely benefit from, participate in and contribute to the digital world, we have created an extensive range of short online guides that you can work through in your own time.

For shorter ‘how to’ guides – why not visit our Digital Toolkit.

This course considers the role that technology plays in our lives and offers techniques to build digital confidence.   

This course will show you how to make clips and edit videos from varying sources.  

This course will give you a basic introduction to cyber security and how to keep yourself safe online.

This self-assessment will allow you to gauge the level of your digital capabilities.

This course has been designed to introduce you to the key concepts of Digital Literacy. 

This course aims to equip you with some strategies that you may use when searching on the internet. 

This course aims to equip you with the knowledge to stay safe whilst using the internet.

The Learning Lab is designed to encourage creativity, imagination, play and learning by providing an environment to experiment.

OneNote is an online digital notebook. This course will cover accessing OneNote online, through to multi user collaboration.

This course provides you with an opportunity to develop your skills in Microsoft Word – online.

This course is designed to support you when using Microsoft Teams.